Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Working on my Halloween exchange

No pictures at the moment because I'm working on my Halloween exchange piece. It will involve some sewing, which I'm excited/nervous about. Then I need to work on the Pumpkin Patch exchange. I'm contemplating the Autumn exchange, but I don't want to get overwhelmed. I just love fall!

I'll mail my Think Pink exchange this week. I'm having some problems getting the blue marking pen out. I can't immerse the piece because it uses noncolorfast floss. I'm in a quandary.

Matt's sick...again: So today I'm home taking care of the baby and Matt. Last night I took Matt to the emergency room because his nose had been bleeding for an hour and just wouldn't stop. They put some Afrin on a gauze pad and stuck it up his nose. Apparently that's the trick to getting nosebleeds to stop. He went to the doctor again this morning and got different antibiotics and a referral to an ENT. The doc said he might need tubes in his ears, which he had when he was a kid. Just lovely. I don't like missing work again, but I took pity on the poor hubby. Not to mention I'm not feeling all that great after missing half my sleep and maybe getting sick again. Oh, and yesterday was our five-year wedding anniversary. We've had a wonderful five years but not-so-wonderful anniversary. Oh well, we have our entire lives to celebrate!

Hurricane aftermath: All the relatives made it through the hurricane. My mom's house in Louisiana had some missing shingles, and a bunch of bricks from the chimney came down. Katrina and Rita did worse damage to the roof (which needed to be replaced), but the chimney may be a mess to fix. But then it's at least 100 years old. The relatives said they're supposed to be without power for several weeks. When I was a kid, it was never more than a few days, but apparently the hurricane knocked down most of the power lines.


Courtney said...

maybe soak a q-tip to get the marking pen out?

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I hope everyone is feelng better soon. And I hope your family gets their power back soon.