Saturday, September 27, 2008

Holly Needleroll HD

I finished the stitching on this needleroll last night. It's really more magenta than the picture shows.

I received some fabric from Threadneedle Street, so I started working on Just Nan's Cherub Garden for When Pink Matters. I really like that I can buy small cuts of fabric and not spend a ton just for the various colors I need. Right now since money's so tight, that comes in handy. Matt still hasn't found a job yet, other than being a full-time daddy. He does a great job, but the pay's kinda shabby. ;-)


Sharon said...

Pretty needleroll!

Michele B. said...

I really like your needleroll. Backstitching can be tedious, but it looks so nice when it's finished. I'm with you on buying small bits of fabric. Right now almost everything I do are smalls so this works for me. I'll send good job vibes your way!