Monday, September 01, 2008

Damier Part 8

I managed to chart a W and add it. I'm not thrilled that the piece is off balance, but at least it has all its letters. If I had noticed this before I started, I probably wouldn't have started. Yes, I'm funny like that. Ah well. Just one more line to go, and it is a very cute piece. I'm thinking I'll turn it into a wall hanging.

I also finished my Think Pink exchange piece this weekend and did most of the finishing. I just have a little left to do. I think it's turning out rather nice. I don't know where the time went on this one. I have just a few more weeks before I can mail it out.

The hurricane: We have some relatives riding out Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana. We're thinking of them.


Kendra said...

I'm doing the same thing...I charted out a W that looks like it might fit the other letters, and am putting it between the V and X blocks in place of that 2nd house.

But I'm not quite as far as you...I got the first block partially done, the V completely done, and barely started on the duck.

Michelle said...

This is really looking cute! Glad you got that W figured out!

Karen said...

This is fantastic and I think it would make a beautiful wall hanging. I look forward to seeing it completed.