Monday, May 26, 2008

White cake with buttercream frosting

Here's the cake I made this weekend. I was concentrating on baking the cake and smoothing the buttercream, so the decorating is kind of goofy. Friday I baked a cake, but I set the oven on 450 instead of 350. Of course I had to toss it. This one turned out fine. I did wind up using the wrong buttercream frosting recipe--the one for decorations, not frosting the cake. I managed to thin it enough to frost with. Even though I made two batches, it wasn't enough really, and it didn't crust like it should have. The cake tastes a little dry. I'm thinking some bake even strips might help (you put them around the pan for even cooking), but I don't know.

Stitching: I haven't been stitching very much. It's just such a pain to take everything out for Rose Quilt and then pick it back up. My living room is very crowded with baby stuff right now. It will be even worse when Logan starts crawling and I have to pick up every last thing. I've also been down lately. My weight loss has been disappointing, especially for so early on, and there seems to be one disappointment after another (I won't list them all).


Kendra said...

I hate to sound clich├ęd, but having a baby really changes your body. Weight loss post-baby will be completely different than weight loss before you were ever pregnant. I know some people make it look easy, and it might be for them (don't even consider the celebrities, with their nannies and personal chefs and personal trainers...of course it's easy when you have that much help!)...but for many of us moms, it's hard to get rid of pregnancy weight. And after a consecutive kiddo, it's even more different...just ask the 15 extra pounds that are sticking on me and won't seem to budge, even though my "baby" is almost 19 months old. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Oh yummy! That cake looks delicious.

Hey, when Logan starts crawling and pulling himself up you'll be moving stuff you never thought you had to move. It is just amazing what they manage to reach when you're not looking lol.

I'm sorry you're feeling down :o( Kendra is right about the weightloss stuff. I'm having to do it in prep for an operation but I'm only aiming for 1lb a week and if I lose more it's a bonus. Living on rabbit food is not fun though. I'd kill for a piece of your cake :o)

Kim B said...

My little guy just turned 2 and I'm finally down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Don't be too hard on yourself! My favorite quote of today was me telling DH "I want to get rid of this soft part of my belly under my belly button." And him replying "well it's almost gone honey." ALMOST?! So you do notice it don't you?! I jump on him before he even has time to realize what he's just insinuated A simple "you look great honey!" would have been great :)

Your cake is so great!! I want to come over and have a slice. Slightly dry is fine with me!

Erica said...

Your cake looks yummy. I have trouble doing the most basic of frosting. As for your baking issue - try using lighter-colored metal pans if you can - I find I get better results. I burn just about everything if I use the dark-metal pans.... Maybe it's just me!

I'm sorry your weight loss isn't going well - I found it much harder to lose weight after the DS' were born than before I was pregnant. It did eventually come off, but it took a long time, a lot of exercise and a really careful look at what I was eating & drinking. I'm sure you'll do it - just give yourself time.

Your stitching mojo will come back when it's ready. Have a rummage through your stash and see what floats to the top - you might be surprised!

Susimac said...

Your cake looks lovely.

Keep persevering with the weight lss it'll happen all of a sudden. Don't let it disappoint you.

Hope your stitching mojo returns soon. Take care and hugs