Friday, May 02, 2008


There's been a lot of talk on the boards about DMC since the French DMC company went out of business. DMC-USA sent out an email saying that all was well and that we wouldn't have to worry about our floss supply. Whew! I was about to go out and buy the missing floss for my backup set (I have a full set of partial skeins and an incomplete set of full skeins for when I run out [a result of my only local supplier--Wal-Mart--getting rid of DMC]). Matt said they should have waited a few weeks to send out the email so there would be more runs on floss. Evil mind.

I received my DMC color card a few days ago. It's completely gloatable. I just love touching the floss (with my clean hands). This will be really helpful when I'm substituting colors and such, not that I do it much. But for one reason or another, I've found such a card needed from time to time. The thing is huge--a fold-out of six pages. I can see why they don't find it cost-effective to produce anymore.

On the wagon: Matt has several prospects but as yet remains unemployed. I've started economizing and have vowed to buy no stash, other than current commitments like a piece I'm having Jill Rensel frame (pics Wednesday!). It's been surprisingly difficult. It's not the big purchases I miss but the small ones, like the floss and beads for my Sweetheart Tree needlerolls and the frog charm for the Just Nan biscornu I'm going to do for the Monthly Finishing Challenge. But it's a challenge, and I can do it! (Though it would be helpful if I could just win one of the drawings for a gift cerficate from the MFC!)

The editor in me: I read in Michelle's blog about the Typo Hunt across America: the story and the blog. I just love this. I'm going to have to start taking pictures of the typos I find and post pictures to my blog. It's much better than sitting and stewing, like when I'm in the doctor's office and there are typos in several of the signs in the waiting room, mocking me. I won't mention the typos I find for a living. (Now to proofread this blog so I don't set myself up for a fall.)


Kendra said...

I have one of those color cards and I *love* it. I use it quite frequently, especially when I'm doing my own conversions from other flosses to DMC (like with one of my current's all charted in Rainbow Gallery flosses). I got mine at Hobby Lobby with my 40% coupon a couple years ago. Well worth the money!

Kim B said...

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you that you win the next MFC drawing :)

Jan said...

I completely empathize with you on the economizing. I just went back to work last week part time. We lasted a while on just DH's salary, but it was tight. You can do it and hopefully your hubbie will get something soon.

Michelle said...

Oh your DMC color card is awesome!!! Wish I had one, just to look at! The wagon is difficult, I know. Being out of work for 5 months has really put a screeching halt on buying those little bits of thread and such that I never even thought about before. Here's hoping a job comes his way soon!!