Friday, May 09, 2008

Framed piece from Jill Rensel

Here's the framed piece I received from Jill Rensel Wednesday. Let me tell you the story behind this piece. Matt's mom passed away a few years ago. When he was going through her Christmas items to see if there were things he wanted, he came across this piece. His mom had framed it and used a regular piece of colored paper as a mat. You can guess what happened--the acid in the paper turned the piece yellow. His mom was also a heavy smoker, which further yellowed the piece. I took it and soaked it in Orvus a few times. A lot of the yellow came out but not all of it. I knew that if anyone could cut a mat to disguise it, Jill Rensel could. I sent her the piece, and we discussed how to frame it. I pretty much let her do whatever she wanted. And here's the result! You can see a little yellowing if you really look, but it's beautiful and doesn't look bad at all. Now Precious Moments isn't my thing, but I appreciate having something of hers on the wall, as does Matt. I'm so lucky to have a husband that appreciates handwork! I think she'd be really pleased that we're taking such good care of her cross stitching. I know I would be.

I let Matt unwrap the package, and he had to make his way through layers of packing (Jill does an excellent job). He said it was just like opening a present from his mom--layers and layers of paper.

You'd think such a masterpiece would cost loads, but it was only about $150. Can you believe it?

On another subject, BeckySC gave away some extra charts, and I was lucky enough to get a bunch: My First Gray Hare, Faith * Hope * Love, Simply Thankful, and a snowman book. I'll stitch these at some point. I did get two charts I won't stitch; if you'd like to trade, email me: The Little Bee and Rebecca Gelwick 1837 Sampler.

Jobs: Matt had an interview yesterday that went well. He interviewed with several people he has worked with and who know the good job he does. There are actually three job openings, so we think he has a good shot.


Kim B said...

That is such a wonderful keepsake! And the matting is incredible!

SandraRee said...

What a find! :)

Veronica said...

That is indeed beautiful framing!

Stitchingranny said...

That is a beautiful piece of framing and what a wonderful heirloom treasure you have now.

Sharon said...

It's looks great! I hope a job will come through for Matt!

Michelle said...

Jill is wonderful to work with! You must both be so pleased how well this came out!