Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Awakening Page 26

I hate Blogger sometimes. It just ate my entire post!

Anyway, I finished the page. I just need to do one more this month. My website has a larger pic and specs.

Next I'll work on the HAED RR. I need to make up some lost time since someone eventually dropped from the group. I've already warned the group that my pregnancy may cause some problems. They seem pretty tolerant. :-)

Matt: Today is his birthday! My sweetie is 35! We had Jack-in-the Box for lunch, cake, and later spaghetti. I'm going to hurt later. I bought him some DVDs and some roleplaying books that he wanted.

The house: Matt nixed the idea of selling the house this year. He said it would be too difficult to pack everything up if I were pregnant. I guess he's right, though it's very disappointing. I really don't like this neighborhood anymore, and it's not where I want to raise my child (even though there are kids everywhere).

Reading: I forgot to mention I finished Mercedes Lackey's Wizard of London. I loved it, of course. I also finished One Good Knight, which wasn't quite as good.


BeckySC said...

Just WOW on your HAED!!!!

My hubby reads Mercedes too, among many others :)

BeckySC said...

OOPs...forgot to say Happy Birthday, Matt :)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely the most awesome piece of cross stitching I've ever seen. Keep up the great work :)

Anne S said...

Wow, Awakening is really a stunner! I can't believe how much you've already done, just awesome! Congrats on the pregnancy news too! Also, your quilt squares and the start of BQ's SAL are great :D (Can you tell I'm playing catch up?)

Nicki said...

She looks great! The more you do the more amazing it gets. Her face looks great in this picture - did you do something or is it that the surroundings take away the pinkiness?

And of course we're tolerant of you being pregnant. We can't exactly say 'no, the RR has to come first'! ;) {{hugs}} Life happens :)

cathymk said...

Firstly - Happy Birthday Matt!

Awakening looks more amazing every time you post a progress post. I love it!

Karin said...

Wow! Awakening is looking fantastic! And happy birthday to Matt.

mainely stitching said...

I've moved house while pregnant and I really don't suggest you do it. It causes so much stress. Much better to do it when the wee one has already joined the world.

LOVE your progress on this project. Amazing!!

Happy birthday to Matt. :)

Unknown said...

Your HAED looks just amazing! Having moved twice with children I would recommend moving before the baby arrives if you can manage it and splurge on a mover to pack stuff for you if you are worried about that. Much easier to move before baby arrives, than after you're sleep deprived and have a baby to tote around.

Michelle said...

The Awakening looks amazing! You are really moving along on this! Happy Birthday to Matt.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to your DH!

And your Awakening is coming along so beautifully!