Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fairy prints

My mom gave me my Christmas present early. She found these three Amy Brown prints and thought of me. She had them framed at a local shop. These are now hanging in my dining room right next to the mantel I showed you a picture of the other day. She mentioned she wanted them in her bedroom (i.e., the guest bedroom), but I had other plans.

The prints are of Autumn Daydream, Firedance, and Fire Element.

The garland stayed up for a few days at least. One of the hooks came off, and now it's just dangling. If I could get to it, I'd fix it, but mom brought lots of boxes of her quilting supplies, as usual.

We also got in our new expensive office chairs. This is going to be so nice! Matt's going to have to lug them up the stairs.

We also treated ourselves to a new TV. It's a 52-inch Sharp Aquos LCD. We ordered it from Amazon.com after looking at it in Best Buy. We did buy a new TV stand there, which is sitting in the living room unassembled. We're thinking we're going to put Matt's old TV in the bedroom, but we're not sure how we're going to get a stand that will put it high enough to see in our huge bed. His TV is old, big, and heavy. That could be dangerous.

I took Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off work, so I'm free! I also have next week off. We have a full schedule. My mom is here, so we'll probably hit Ginger's tomorrow or Thursday. Matt's work's Christmas party is Friday, and we're going to see his relatives Saturday. We have a friend from out of town coming in next week, and I hope to see Cherylann (HasturTorres) at some point next week. I'm exhausted already!

Stitching: I'm stitching away on my birthday exchange piece, which of course I can't show off. I'm also waiting for some threads for the New Years exchange I'm doing. Ugh. They were supposed to be here by now. I received my Just Nan RR, which I need to take a look at.

Vandals: A police officer came by, and we had a good long talk. He was an interesting guy and made me feel better. I haven't been quite as stressed out, but we also haven't yet ordered the camera. I think I'm going to have to lean on Matt. We haven't had any more trouble since the police officer spent a good hour parked in front of our house. Maybe the vandals (i.e., kids in our circle) have gotten the message we're not playing around. Matt figured they hit us four separate times. I still want the camera.

Toe: My toe is healing, and I can just about walk normally. I can't spend too much time on it. We went in to Austin Saturday, and the shopping made my feet swell some. It could have also been the yummy but salty crab alfredo from Red Lobster. My birthday is on New Year's eve, I hate crowds, so we decided to have my special meal early. We'll probably also eat out in town on the day, but there's no place good here.


Anonymous said...

The fairy prints are beautiful! And wow-- a 52" TV, my DH is drooling just imagining it!

Anonymous said...

The fairy prints are just wonderful! Such a thoughtful gift! Have a very Merry Christmas!