Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas eve presents

We went over to see Marty, and he got me all three parts of Barnabee's Quest by Just Nan (part 1 is shown in the pic). It was on my Christmas list. I know someone whose blog I read was doing a SAL--I'll have to look it up. He also gave me my birthday present, which was 10 mesh project bags. Wow! I said a few, but this will hold every WIP I have even planned.

I also took home a few boxes of Matt's mom's cross stitch projects (she passed away a while back). Some projects have been started, so I may finish them and give them as presents to the family next year. I also have a Precious Moments piece that she had framed. I took it apart, and the acid paper has really yellowed it. I'll soak it in Orvus to see if I can get it a little cleaner. She was also a smoker, which I'm sure damaged it.

We had lunch with mom today. She returns home to Louisiana tomorrow. I'll get a wake-up knock on the bedroom door tomorrow morning at 4:00.

Last night we went over to see Matt's family--his aunt and her children, whom he hadn't seen in years. We had a really good time talking to them and catching up. They have a bunch of children. If we do wind up having a child, they won 't be close in age. Aw. We did a white elephant exchange, and I wound up with chocolate-covered pecans (yum), mom had two Hershey's cups with hot chocolate mixes (she gave me one), and Matt got a wooden helicopter you have to put together. They went by birthdays and went from December to January, so of course I was first. That also meant I got to pick last. I traded away a thumb drive and golf cooler.

I've been working on my birthday exchange piece, and I hope to put in the last stitch tonight. Then there will just be the finishing.

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Anne S said...

Sounds like some lovely gifts there - stitching gifts are always the best! ;) I have to say I adore your 'swag' of ornaments too - they look beautiful :D