Thursday, December 29, 2011

Supernatural romance novels

Missy Ann turned me on to supernatural romance novels, and my reading habits haven't been the same since. I never thought I would like supernatural stories set in the modern day, but they're much better than when I last tried them in the 1980s. Go figure.

So here's my plea. I'm running out of authors, or at least ones my library has. I have a Kindle, but at the rate I chew up these novels, I can't afford to buy them all. Below is a list of authors I've read. Can you suggest any other good authors I should try? Thanks in advance for any help!

Stacia Kane
Ilona Andrews
Gail Carriger
Meljean Brook
J.R. Ward
Nalini Singh
Laurel K. Hamilton
Charlaine Harris
Keri Arthur
Jim Butcher
Karen Marie Moning
Kim Harrison
Patricia Briggs

Liked and still in progress reading:
Kresley Cole
Eileen Wilks
Laura Ann Gilman
Rachel Caine
Diane Gabaldon

Didn't like:
Sherilynn Kenyon


Thutmosis said...

I don't call Missy Ann my 'book crack dealer' for nothing.... she's the reason my nightstand is overflowing with great reads.

cymberleah said...

Kelley Armstrong is good. If you can get Jennifer Estep from your library, I suggest her. Her books are fun, but are a bit too light for me to want to buy. I'd also give Carrie Vaughn a try.

Devon said...

Christine Warren is another one you might have all my other authors already on your list my favorite is Karen Marie Moning..

Missy Ann said...

Wasn't a fan of Estep myself, but do agree with Vaughn & Armstrong.

I'll add:

Caitlin Kittredge

Diana Rowland My Life As A White Trash Zombie

Harry Connolly

Kevin Hearne

Ben Aaronovitch

Ann Aguirre Sirantha Jax series

Cheire Priest The Clockwork Century series

Luv, Missy Ann

Nic said...

Nora Roberts - she has a couple of supernatural trilogies, and some other great stuff as well. Her books (if you start from her post sillouette days) can be like crack.
She also writes as JD Robb, the In Death series set in the future. They're fun, but while they can be read in any order, they're so much better if you read them in order as your main characters continue through the books.

Shelleen said...

Thank you all so much! I have read a few of thses authors but I made a list of all the other ones that were mentioned.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Anne Rice, the Mayfair Witches saga rather than the Interview with the Vampire series.
I love them, they do go back in history as well but the majority is set in the present time. Well a decade ago judging by the outdated computer programming language!