Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easter 2011 Freebie HD

This is the Easter 2011 Freebie from Chatelaine. You can find the pattern on Martina's blog. I stitched in on 32-count opalescent. I rarely use glittery fabric, but it works for this piece. I'm going to make it into a little cushion, and I'll show some pics when it's finished. I got frustrated when my other little pieces were all missing floss, so I started something new, which I'm trying to avoid (I have a lot of WIPs right now). I'm still working on Rose Quilt (also a Chatelaine) when I have time to myself.

Since my floss order still hasn't shipped after three weeks, I canceled the order and will get it from someone else. After I canceled the order, the place said they were waiting for the floss to come in. Why couldn't they tell me that right after they received the order or when I emailed them a week ago? Some things I can wait on, but some things I really don't want to. Give me the option. I guess they were afraid to lose the order, but now they've lost a customer.

I'll order from a place in Austin, the Needle Works. I haven't been there, but they ship stuff really fast. They have a lot of canvas and needlepoint on their website. I really love some of the pieces. I don't need a new hobby, and the stuff is very expensive, but I'm really drawn to it. Sigh.


Charodeya said...

Thank you!) Very tender rabbit!!!

Tatkis said...

Beautiful rose bunny!
Hope that your second attempt to get an appropriate floss would be successful!

Best wishes,

Alice said...

Love the bunny! I had a similar bad experience with my LNS... ordered fabric that took over three months to get to me... never again.

Giovanna said...

Gorgeous little bunny, well done!

Michelle said...

Such a cute finish!! I don't blame you about the order for your threads. I want to know if it's going to take longer and be given the option to wait or not.