Monday, July 06, 2009

Spring Faerie update and Boston cream pie cupcakes

I got a pretty good bit done this week, with the holiday. Another two weeks should do it. But Matt and I have started playing Warhammer Online, which has taken up a good bit of time lately. (If anyone wants a key for a free trial, let me know.)

Cupcakes: Last week I made Boston cream pie cupcakes, which tasted really good. I now have a good recipe for pastry cream and chocolate ganache! The cupcakes were rather messy. I think a cake is a better choice than a cupcake for these.


Kim B said...

Spring Faerie is really coming along! And that cupcake looks amazing!!!

Zeb said...

I am always so impressed when I see a Spring Faerie update from you; it just amazes me how much you accomplish in such short periods of time... not because YOU can't do it, but because I know I couldn't XD

Mmmm cupcakes, don't suppose you'd share the recipe? :)

Shelleen said...

the cupcake looks soo good. You are moving right along on the fairy and making great progress.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the faerie has legs! She looks great - and so does the cupcake, yummie!

Jo said...

beautiful picture of Spring... not much to go now!

Those cup cakes look really yummy!