Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tulip Time Needleroll HD

I finally finished this Sweetheart Tree needleroll. I've been working on it here and there for over a month. I'll turn it into a needleroll later, when the mood strikes me.

So I now have four more ST needlerolls to go. I plan to do them all because I'm a completist. I have to admit they're getting tedious by now because they're all so similar, but I just have to look at my basket of needlerolls to know it's worth it. I think they're so pretty.

I made a small purchase recently. I bought a "beading mat" in order to make the minimum order when I needed to replace my plastic bead case (which I shattered). What came in was a thick piece of fuzzy fabric, kind of like velour. I was skeptical to say the least. I tried it today, and it's actually pretty nice! My beads don't go skittering across my desk anymore to land somewhere in the carpet (and accompanying dog fur) where they're lost forever. I also picked up a little wooden bellpull rod; I can never find those when I need them.


Brenda Lou said...

It's gorgeous!!!

Cindy said...

Very pretty finish!

I got one of those beading mats as part of a class kit recently, and it works great.

Andrea said...

Another wonderful needleroll finish.

Jo said...

Lovely needleroll. Why not take a break before finishing the other 4?

I got one of those beading mats and I agree - they are really useful

Cheryl said...

Beading mats are wonderful things! The needleroll is so elegant. You do good work!

Babs said...

You are so bad!!!!! I don't like you!!!!

Putting cookies in between the stitching things :'( Now I so want cookies!!!!

LOl, I'm not really mad, but those cakes look so good :p Yummie. And I don't have any here :'(

Greetings, Babs