Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spring Faerie update

Not much progress this week. Still working on that wing.

This weekend I disassembled Dragon Alphabet because Hobby Lobby had not framed it with acid-free materials (after telling me they did). The mat and foam core hadn't burned the fabric, but the frame had! The edges were dark yellow. I washed the piece in Orvus, and it didn't come out at all, as I expected. I brought it to the LNS in Austin to have it redone. The framer is going to use tape or something on the frame to protect the fabric from further damage. I have a few other pieces I need to get redone when money permits.

While at the LNS, I picked up Witch's Hat Scissors Case by Historic Stitches. I just couldn't resist!

I also started TW's Lady of Shalott at long last. I've just put a few stitches in, but I feel good about it.

Kid's sick again: Logan apparently picked up a bug at the hospital. He has a runny nose, cough, and fever, and the doctor said it's in his chest now. Poor kid. Oh, and yes, Mommy did get it too.


Kim B said...

Were you able to get your money back from Hobby Lobby?? What a pain!

Poor Logan! I hope you all feel better fast!

Jo said...

Lovely stitching, even if it doesn't feel like much progress - we all know what TWs are like. Can't wait to see your LoS (another one in my stash!!)

Zeb said...

Oh thats AWFUL! I would be so angry if a store said they did something, but hadn't! And for their actions to damage your work... grr! grr! grr!!!
I'm with Kim, hope they refunded you!

Spring Fairy is coming along nicely, your needles as usual are smokin! Looking forward to seeing Lady of Shalott!

Sorry to hear about Logan being ill again :( sounds like his immune system is suffering.

Maren said...

Poor Logan, and now poor mommy too!

Thanks for the info on Hobby Lobby. Dang! I guess I need to keep searching for another framer.

Brigitte said...

The fairie is coming along great.
I hope that Logan will be on the mend very soon.