Monday, June 01, 2009

Spring Faerie update

I started this May 16 and worked on it here and there. I'm enjoying working on the faerie so far.

Organizing: I've been working on organizing my bedroom. It's amazing how much dust accumulates! I hate giving up books, but I just have so many of them that I've been purging the ones I don't like much. I saw this website on Carol's blog: It's pretty handy, especially since the books I'm generally looking for are hard to find.


Kim B said...

She's coming along!! That swap site looks great!

Jo said...

Wow, amazing progress. She's looking lovely.

The just nan exchange piece is lovely too - I think the dark pink beads look great!

Zeb said...

You started her early MAY? All that in such a short amount of time, wow! Congrats :)

As for books, I am anal, I have to have my book in "perfect" condition so swap sites aren't for me. Although I do do Book Crossing :D

Anonymous said...

She's very pretty!

Brenda Lou said...

She's looking great!! Sadly, I'm not big enough to get rid of my books just yet :)