Monday, November 24, 2008

Picked out my Christmas presents

With money being so tight, we don't have the luxury of getting surprise gifts. There are definite things Matt and I want for Christmas, so we've bought them and will wrap them up. Is this less fun? Certainly, but at least we'll get what we really want for Christmas. Matt's getting a new laptop for Christmas and birthday since he'll definitely need one for school. We thought we could swing it with the old laptop, but after he talked to people--nope. He is going to be an engineering major, after all.

Saturday I was getting stir crazy, so Matt and I went in to Austin while Mom babysat Logan. We had a nice meal and hit the LNS, Ginger's. I found some fabric for Skeleton Crew, a few threads, and the chart for My Stitching Treasures Accessories (to go with the box I got one year). The fabric and materials for it are on order. So that's Christmas for me. Not too shabby, and I'm still excited to get my hands on the items come Christmas Day. And really, how would Matt know what to get me when I want stitching stuff?

I'm still trying to figure out what to get Logan for Christmas. I'm thinking some kind of big toy, something he can either climb on or fiddle with. Any ideas? Matt said Logan was fascinated by the toilet auger today when they went to Home Depot. Matt would let him go, and three times he ran back to the auger. I'm thinking that wouldn't be a good toy. Apparently dangerous = fun.

Speaking of the child, I think he's hit the Terrible Twos 10 months early! He's teething and not feeling well and generally just going crazy. He does the things that get his hand slapped, and does them, and again. He's bored with everything, will only eat if you distract him with something interesting, and is into everything. How many more years of this? THAT many?

I'll post a pic of my latest finish tomorrow....

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Excellent stashing! We're doing something similar here - I've left a list (and the catalogues) of a couple of things I want and DH will pick one or two to get me - so, some surprise, but mostly not. = )
As for baby toys, I went through the same thing when my first was turning 1 (a few days after Christmas). I did a lot of research and I highly recommend getting some of the larger Little Tikes climbing toys - they are really sturdy, last forever, are good inside and out (the smaller ones), and my kids (my youngest is 14 months) love them.
I surfed around and bought everything used through EBay and Craigslist - there's a fold-up slide, the kangaroo climber, etc. Use Little Tikes as your keyword for a search. A lot of the larger stuff is for pick-up only since sellers don't want to try to package them for shipping, so hopefully there will be some stuff in your area - good luck!