Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finishing complete for Feathered Friends Exchange

This weekend I finished up the main piece for my exchange. I like the way it came out, though I did have to redo it once. Not bad since this was the first time I did a finishing of this kind. No pictures yet, of course.

I looked all over the web and found a needleroll I wanted to stitch! Where else but in Carol's stitching photos. She was so kind as to send me the freebie chart for Little Lambs, a Shepherd's Bush piece. I started working on it today. I've had the idea of putting Logan's name and birth date on it as a mini birth announcement, but I don't know yet if the pinks will make it too girly. I'll have to get Matt's opinion.

I also put a few stitches into Remembrance Rose by Sweetheart Tree and did a few sections of Maggie the Messmaker. I think I'll keep Maggie as my big focus piece for a while. It hasn't gotten any attention in a while.

Bad neighbors: This past Friday, our favorite neighbors were blaring their music in their cars after 10. The cul-de-sac was filled with cars and kids. We could hear their music over our movie, inside our own house. Matt opened the door and hollered for them to turn it down, and of course they just cursed him out. We called the sheriff's department, but no one showed up. At least the neighbors got the hint eventually and went away. I really, really want to move out of this trashy neighborhood. The ideal would be to get some land that has a large main house and a little house for Mom. Eventually...

Mini vacation: Matt and I are going to San Antonio this weekend. We're taking Friday off to prepare and relax. I can't wait!

Kiddo: Logan's current favorite thing is growling and squealing at the top of his lungs. Working was challenging today, even with him on the bottom floor with the nanny and me on the upper floor in the office. He's getting better at sitting unsupported (a few minutes here and there). He's chewing on everything in sight, though he doesn't have any teeth yet. He's very smiley too. He even smiles at the cats and dog.


Kim B said...

I can't wait to see your exchange. And I'm looking forward to seeing the Shepherd's Bush piece. I Googled it to see what it was and it's beautiful! I can't believe not a single cop showed up after you called them. But hopefully that doesn't happen again.

I got my needle roll chart in the mail yesterday BTW. Thanks a ton!!! :)

Sharon said...

How fun a weekend away! I hope you both have agreat time! Logan is really growing!