Saturday, December 01, 2007

Castle Sampler update and framed pics

Here's the latest on Castle Sampler. I finished up the trio of musicians in the middle. Now onto the lady. I think I've enjoyed the border on this piece the most. I can take it anywhere since it's on my small Qsnaps and work on it whenever I get a minute. I'm looking forward to working on the inner border. Not so much the castle because I know that will be mostly grays.

Also, they seriously underestimated the floss needed for this kit. I've run out of several colors. While I don't scrimp with floss, I'm also not wasteful with it either.

Matt picked up some framed pieces from the sort-of-LNS yesterday. Below are pictures of three petit point cats I stitched last year (40 count). I haven't figured out where to put them yet. Since Blogger's acting up again, here's a link to the big pic.

I also got the L&L Angel of Summer I finished last year framed for my mom for Christmas. I won't see her until January, so she'll get it then.

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Christmas: I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done online. There are just a few things I still need, so I'm venturing out this morning while Matt watches Logan.

Baby: We met the prospective au pere Wednesday. I'm still waiting on references from her before we offer her the job. She told me some things about one of the daycare places she worked for in town. The babies spend most of their time in bouncers and have one person for four children. Logan would be so unhappy and scream all day. I really hope I can avoid that.

Neopets: It's the Month of Celebrating, so that means the advent calendar is open.


mainely stitching said...

Wow, one caretaker per four babies would be considered excellent here in the Netherlands. One big reason why I avoided daycare till the kids were no longer babies. I hope the au pair works out. I did that for awhile and I loved it. Still miss some of the kids, if you can believe it.

Dawn T. said...

Castle Sampler looks wonderful!!

Sylvie said...

Great progress on your sampler. Your frames are beautiful!

Michelle said...

Castle Sampler looks so pretty! You are really zooming along. Your framed kitties are beautiful too - wow!!!

Maree said...

Wow, your Castle Sampler looks great! I admire your concentration; being able to work on a TW with a baby in the house. I hope things come together for Logan the way you want them to. :)