Saturday, April 18, 2015

Convent's Herbal Garden Part 4

This picture came out a little better. I still have an outer border and then the gates beyond that. I had to order some floss I was missing (substituting for horrible Marlitt).

I got in some Just Nan mice and an owl. I'm looking forward to stitching those little pieces after this one.

Last weekend, a few of my local stitching friends got together to stitch and say goodbye to a friend going to Qatar. Loads of fun (and bittersweet)! We'll be taking a trip to ABC Stitch Therapy soon too -- can't wait!


Lana said...

Beautiful progress!

Brigitte said...

Oh great to see this Garden on someone's blog. I started this many many years ago but then lost my interest in it and couldn't get back to it. I stopped at part 4 and I'm not sure if I will ever pull it out again. I even don't know if I still have all the patterns of the different parts, lol. BUt I will follow your progress.