Sunday, February 22, 2015

TW's Day HD

I just finished Day designed by Teresa Wentzler. I've had this chart since around 1991 when I was 21. I remember finding Day and Night during one of our infrequent trips to Michael's. I flipped over it and immediately bought the supplies. Of course, I bought aida instead of linen, which never would have worked.

Years later when I returned to cross stitch, I discovered this designer I loved and realized I had two of her charts. Night was the second piece by TW I stitched. I figured it was about time I stitched Day to go with it.

I plan to get both pieces framed by Jill Rensel when money permits. Maybe as another Christmas/birthday present I pick out for myself. :)

I'm considering a Chatelaine mandala, Convent's Herbal Garden, next. That's another one I've had for a while.


Sonya said...

That is beautiful! I look forward to seeing them both framed one day.

Annie said...

Beautiful finish...congrats!
I've been stitching since the 1980's and have never seen this TW design. I love it!
The pair will be amazing framed by Jill.
I hope you post pictures after they're framed.

Blu said...

Congratulations! She looks spectacular.

Kathy A. said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I admire anyone who stitches a TW. They are so beautiful and an amazing amount of work.

Suz said...

She's beautiful! Congrats on the gorgeous finish :)

Jan said...

She's Gorgeous!!! Congrats on a beautiful finish. ;-)

Andrea said...

A beautiful piece, congratulations on your finish.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on your finish. I have the charts for both of these from the 1990s! I may even stitch them one day now I see how lovely your's looks.
I also have Rensel-envy, her framing is amazing.