Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lady of Shalott update

I've been having a little more time for stitching since Matt only had one class this summer. He's been able to share some of the kid and cooking duties. I'm also excited about stitching again, which is a good thing!

To address some comments, I keep my TW charts, so I won't be getting rid of this one -- sorry and good luck. Also, the road on the trip -- horrible. I stitched anyway, at least until I got annoyed with the bobbing needle. I only lost it once.

Reading: I'm still making my way through Mercedes Lackey's urban fantasy series. I've also been reading Jacqueline Carey and Stacia Kane -- good but not for the faint of heart. I also did a massive purge of my paperback collection, going from four bookcases to three. It's been painful, but it's what I need to do. We'll probably sell the house when Matt graduates (we don't like the neighborhood), no matter where we wind up, and I don't need to lug useless stuff around. I'm not much on rereading books, so I am getting rid of anything I know I won't read again. So far that's four big boxes. I credit the Kindle for helping me let go.

Logan: He's entered the "Why?" stage and is already driving us nuts. We're having a few problems with potty training. They tell us he does well at daycare, but he hates going at home. I don't know what the deal is. And since he only poops at home, he's not pooping in the potty either. Ugh. Any advice?

Lufy: Thank you for your kind words. It's still hard. Last night we had a storm roll in, and the first thing I thought of was her huddled under the desk, all 75 pounds of her. I really miss my girl. The vet mailed us a card with her footprint on it. Very nice of them, but of course it made me cry.


Alice said...

Potty training... oy. My only advice would be to watch for signs of ...er... poop coming on and convince him to sit on the potty... have a toy or special book ready to distract him. If he does do it in the potty celebrate like there's no tomorrow! Good luck, and keep in mind that they all get there eventually.

LOS looks absolutely amazing!

Erica said...

LoS looks amazing and I'm glad to see your stitching mojo is returning.

As for Logan, my only suggestion is out and out bribery. Get his favourite candy (DS#1 loved M&Ms, DS#2 preferred smarties) and tell him if he uses the potty, he can have a candy. I'm generally not a huge fan of bribing children, but we got desperate with both of my DS' and bribery worked....

Good luck with the potty training! (and try to remember that it's unlikely that he'll walk down the aisle on his wedding day in a pull-up - he'll get it when he's ready!)

Missy Ann said...

Another fan of bribery. I potty trained my boy starting the Monday after his second b-day. (hard line mom here lol)

Pee in the potty earned 1 M&M. Poop earned 1 Oreo (after hand washing of course!).

Once the habit of using the potty was established (about 1 month) I would then give him his reward only when he asked for it. Over the course of about 1 month he stopped asking (dry pants are their own reward) and I was able to stop stocking treats.

And Pull-Ups were only for overnight and car trips. Cotton pants are much more uncomfortable when wet/dirty.

Blu said...

LoS looks great! She isn't a design I see stitched much.
And I have no advise on the potty front. Other than to say that children should be born potty trained.

Judith said...

I haven't been much on any blogs this past year, busy with other things and also stitching on my HEAD little red riding hood. But now I am here and I see a beautifull Lady of Shalott, it is in my ever to do pile.

Katri said...

Wow, great progress!

I don't have kids, so cannot offer any advice on Logan's problems, but ((hugs)) again re: Lufy. Loosing a pet is so hard...

Mel said...

Lady is looking lovely!

Ohh. I love Jacqueline Carey, but yes they are very intense books for sure.

On Logan... that is a tough one.
Is there a reward at daycare for going?
Or is he too comfortable with you just changing his diaper? Maybe make it seem really bad that he is doing it at home like that? (not sure...)