Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wildflowers Needleroll HD

I finished this one last Sweetheart Tree needleroll today! That's the last of the series, and I'm so relieved. While I enjoyed stitching them, they're so similar that it got monotonous at times--and I have a high tolerance for monotonous stitching!

Most of these are done on Wichelt fabric, but the color for this one (champagne) was discontinued. I chose Zwiegart putty instead. Let me just say how much I prefer Zwiegart over Wichelt. Wichelt linen is coarse and see-through. Zwiegart linen is soft and denser. It also seems to have fewer slubs. I haven't really paid much attention to the maker of linens, but the difference is so pronounced, I can't ignore it. I think I'm going to stick to Zwiegart linens from now on, no matter what the design calls for.

Warhammer: Matt and I have been enjoying playing Warhammer Online. We're not letting it get to addiction level, though. That way lies madness. Once Matt starts the fall semester (in a week and a half), we're going to have less time to spend on it anyway.

My little biter: Logan got sent home from daycare the other day because he had bitten other kids three times. We emphasize to him how wrong that is, but it doesn't seem to get through. Ah, the terrible twos.

Facebook: Matt's gone and gotten me addicted to Facebook. It's so weird seeing my classmates from high school--only older and with kids that look just like them.


Kim B said...

Congrats on this last needleroll finish! That's fantastic! And good luck with Jaws! Yikes! I hope he doesn't bit you!

Brigitte said...

Congratulations, it looks so pretty. I love the ST needlerolls and have stitched several of them.
I only stitch on Zweigart linen, for the same reasons.

Alice said...

Your needlerolls look so nice! I'm sorry to hear about Logan's biting... I went through the same thing with my eldest. Two is a tough time, they don't know how to express themselves and the biting is an expression of frustration. The daycare people just need to be a bit more vigilant in watching the kids interact so they can show Logan the right way to resolve an issue. I know... easier said than done.

Andrea said...

Yeah!! Well done for getting through the ST needleroll series.

I stitched on someones RR a few years ago now that was on Wichelt. It was awful, coverage was terrible, it was thin, see-through. Horrible. Love Zweigart linens.:)

Jo said...

I think that's my favourite of the needlerolls you have done - the colours seem much stronger. Well done for getting them all done!

Anonymous said...

Way to go. You have such patience to stitch up all the needlerolls in a row.

I totally agree with the Wichelt vs Zweigart discussion. I too won't stitch on Wichelt anymore. I guess they must sell enough to keep making it, but the linen is yucky.

Babs said...

Wauw, these look nice. Where have you bought the patterns for them?

If it's a website, I'd like to receive the link, please.

Greetings, Babs

MarchAnn said...

All the Needlerolls look great, but I agree they would have gotten boring for me. But the do look wonderful.