Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sun Dragon almost HD

Yet again I'm left waiting on missing supplies. I thought I had enough of the Kreiniks, but apparently that wasn't the case. I'm missing some sparklies in his tail and the rays of the sun. It always happens that right after I order something, I miss something else. This is another one by Teresa Wentzler, by the way. Does that fabric look familiar? It's Iris Garden by Silkweaver, which I bought a while back.

I'm having a little trouble getting another Silkweaver fabric, Days Gone By for My Stitching Treasures Accessories. I did the box by Jeannette Douglas a while back. Apparently now that Zweigart has taken over Silkweaver's fabrics, the colors are completely different, even though they have the same name. I need some fabric to match the box, so I'm going to have to figure out a substitute fabric. Argh.

Logan's been very sick. Yesterday he had a fever most of the day and cried hoarsely almost constantly. Today he's a lot better but still not great. He refuses to eat anything except a few sweets and isn't drinking nearly enough. The doctor says he has an ear infection, yet again. We're going to see another ENT soon. Matt thinks Logan needs tubes in his ears, but I'm dreading my little boy having surgery.

So, so much for spring break. I won't be getting to do any of the things I had planned, but oh well, Logan comes first. Doesn't mean I have to like giving up my free time, of course.


Kim B said...

What a pain about the Silkweaver fabric you need not being the right color. Sun Dragon looks great even with the missing sparkles. Hope Logan is feeling better soon!

Jo said...

I always realise I need something right after placing an order too...

Sun Dragon looks fabulous, he won't take long to complete once you get the supplies in.

It's always hard seeing little ones needing surgery, but if Logan does get tubes he probably won't get sick as much - which surely is a good payoff? Perhaps thinking about the longer term (no ear infections) rather than the surgery will help. My friend Amanda felt the same when her little boy needed tubes earlier this year - but it all went smoothly, took less than 10 minutes, and Jack is doing brilliantly now. Hugs to all of you

Brigitte said...

Oh, I don't like to interrupt my stitching because of missing supplies because it usually takes days and sometimes weeks until I get the missing thread.
I hope Loagan will be better soon.

Anonymous said...

O my goodness, that dragon looks wonderful! Definitely one I must stitch. Perfect fabric for it too.

Sorry to read about Logan - I hope he gets better very soon.

Alice said...

I love that fabric!
My son Brendan (now a big fella) needed tubes when he was just under two. He just had infection after infection and was constantly on antibiotics. Poor kid, I still remember the misery. His surgery went just fine and it was like having a different kid! He hardly ever got sick afterwards. The trouble with frequent infections is that it can lead to hardening of the skin in there and affect hearing. Also Brendan had a bit of speech delay because of all the fluid in his ears all the time.