Monday, March 03, 2008

Damier Part 3

Here's the next installment of Damier. I charted the Easter basket myself. Maryse had a flying bell and some Easter eggs. It must be a French thing because I had never heard of that, even though I'm Cajun. I also used bright white for the sheep and backstitched it in gray. This line didn't take long because there weren't any solid blocks this time.

I just have two rows left on Eternal Promise, and then I can post a progress pic.

Baby: I had to take Logan to the doctor today because his ear was hurting again. He has fluid in his ear, so the doctor wants him to see an ENT, given his family history. I also have fluid in my ear. Unfortunately, the medicine the doctor gave me is the same stuff Matt's taking that knocks him flat. I'm worse than Matt, so there's no way I can take this stuff and work. Sigh.

Diet: We're starting again today. Really. I need to do this!


Kim said...

Your Damier is looking fabulous--you're so fast; although this must seem really easy compared to TW and HAED :) Speaking of which I can't wait to see your Eternal Promise pics!

I hope your household is feeling better soon.

Good luck with the diet; I'm struggling through WW at Home right now.

Kendra said...

Looks good! I just got started on the grass part of the first block last night and had to quit because I wasn't feeling well.

I was wondering what that floating object above the eggs was...I like your idea for an Easter basket instead. My sister is pretty familiar with French culture, so I may ask her what it means. fun! I've still got some pregnancy pounds to lose...and my "baby" is 16 months old! If I want to be completely honest, I've still got some pregnancy pudges leftover from my now 5-year-old...*blush*

Vicki said...

Your work is beautiful!

Hope you all feel better soon :-)

Elfinlady said...

Good luck with the diet! You can do it. I've lost nearly 60 pounds since October, and if I can, anyone can. I just hope I manage to keep it off...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I find your nice blog. I'm stiching the damier too.In Belgium, on friday before Eastern, bells in the churchs stop ringing. So parents tell their children bells are flying to Rome and when they come back they drop eggs over the gardens. That's why Maryse stiches a bell dropping eggs.
You say you're cajun. I lived 3 years in Crowley Louisiana to teach French and it was a nice time in my live
My blog
Hope having news from you
Friendly Andrée

Michelle said...

Good luck with the diet - it's rough, but you can do it! Great progress on your sampler.