Friday, February 29, 2008

Mom's moving in!

My mom got a job in Ausin, so she's moving in! Yay! It's going to be so nice to have her here. She can play with Logan (and babysit!), and I'll have a shopping buddy again. Not to mention a diet and exercise buddy. I mean, Matt's my diet and exercise buddy now, but he's as bad as I am! Mom's managed to keep her weight off for many years, so I'm hoping she can help me. I need to lose a lot, but my goal for this year is 50 pounds. And we're already two months in! Ack!

She starts in two weeks, so she'll have to hightail it over here the weekend between jobs. She has vacation the week after she starts, so she'll go home to Louisiana and keep working on getting the house ready to sell. She has a lifetime's worth of stuff that she needs to sort through, and an old house that needs to be fixed up. She's been working on it for months, but I guess it's crunch time now.

I also need to rent a storage area. Her bedroom's closet is my holiday storage, so I need to get everything out of there. Not to mention all of Matt's spare computer parts. She'll eventually buy her own house, but things need to be livable in the meantime.

So...exciting but also very busy. We knew it would happen fast, but eep!

Stitching: I'm still working on the neverending page of Eternal Promise. I also started stitching on the Lady Scarlet box, and I should have that finished soon. The next part of Damier has been released, so I guess I need to put that in the queue too!

Movies: We saw The Brave One recently--much better than I thought it would be. I thought the attack scene would be very painful. It was, but it was not overdone. They left some to the imagination and let you draw your own conclusions. We also saw the animated Dragonlance movie since Matt and I love the books. Blech. The art was so poor, and they mixed in some bad CGI work with the cartoon (which looked like an old Transformer cartoon). We've also been watching the last few seasons of Buffy and Angel. Apparently I missed an entire season when it aired.


Kathryn said...

Good luck with your mom selling her house. Having moved a lot in my life (and sold a lot of houses), I know how stressful it can be.

Sharon said...

How wonderful for you Michelle!