Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Monique discussed amigurumi in her blog, coincidental to my posting my two little Cthulhus. (Amigurami is the art of crocheting or knitting cute creatures or anthropomorphic items.) So that had me thinking back. I used to crochet a lot when I was a kid. I taught myself and was an expert at it. Really. I could crochet an afghan without looking at it. I could follow any pattern and do any stitch without looking at a chart. I could even create my own pieces. I still have two of them. Since I was also a fantasy nut, I created a hippocampus and a dragon. The dragon uses pipe cleaners in his neck.

I also remember crocheting Doctor Who dolls (Tom Baker, Romana, and Adric), but I didn't keep those. I crocheted tons of baby mobiles (little clowns) that I sold to my mom's coworkers. I guess even then I was nuts about my crafts. My mom had a subscription to Annie's Attic magazine; now I'm sorry I threw them all away a few years ago.

I think I got out of crochet when it wasn't in style anymore. Too many old ladies crocheting toilet paper covers, I guess. But now it's back in style! Imagine that. I may need to get crocheting again.

But back to cross stitching...I've been working on Bountiful Acorns needleroll. I got to use the replacement threads for Needle Necessities, who went out of business. The new company is called ThreadWorx. I think I like it better. The floss is not as matte as NN and has a better feel.

Blogs: Laura commented that I'm the "cross stitching equivalent of a fearless knitter." I'm so flattered. I think the reason some people can't do complicated projects is they don't believe they can. It's all just X's! Also, Kim commented on my speedy stitching, especially with a baby in the house. Matt has to take some credit for that. He's always there to do his fair share (and sometimes more). We get the baby to bed and supper finished by 7. Then I can stitch! Oh yes, and I'm very compulsive about my stitching. That helps too.

Stargate: Argh! I found out that Woolsey is going to be taking Sam Carter's place next season as the leader of Atlantis. No, no, no! I do not want to battle politics in my escapism. We have too much of that annoying, boring stuff in real life.


Barbara said...

Logan goes to bed at 7? Does he already sleep the night through? I'm terribly jealous!!

monique said...

Oh my gosh, those are SO neat!

Michelle said...

Your crocheted pieces are great. I agree you are a fearless stitcher - I need to try more of that I think!