Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bountiful Acorns HD

I wanted to get some rust ribbon to go with the brown, but I'm having to order it. So here it is with just the brown ribbon so far (edit: replaced the pic). I really like this piece, and I want to do the other Sweetheart Tree needlerolls too eventually.

I acquired this chart from Andrea after she finished hers. I blame her for getting me hooked. ;-) I saw the one she did in her blog and just fell in love.

I still have the Olde English needleroll all kitted up and waiting to be stitched. I'm going to savor it because these go pretty fast. I'm still plugging away on HAED's Eternal Promise; I haven't even finish the first row yet.

The sick: I'm getting over my sinus infection, but I still feel pretty rotten. Matt's feeling a little sick, and Logan's been giving a few little coughs. We might take him to the doctor tomorrow; he doesn't seem that bad yet, but you know what happens on the weekends.


Deanne J said...

It's beautiful, congrats on the finish.

Glad you're feeling better and I hope Logan doesn't get sick.

Cindy said...

Very pretty finish! I have done a good job of collecting a lot of the ST needlerolls, but have yet to finish one. I really need to do that...and thank you for the inspiration!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon :)

Carol said...

Gorgeous!! Does the chart have a new home yet? If not, I would love to trade for it!

Dawn said...

Oh this one is gorgeous! Great job:)

Cindy said...

oh..that is another beautiful needleroll. Great job :)

Hope everyone is better now.

Amateur de Livre said...

Another beautiful it! One more thing to add to my wish list:)

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I've never stitched a needleroll. I'll have to try my hand at one!