Saturday, September 15, 2007

Poor Jack HD

Here's a little Just Nan Whimzi I stitched last night while we watched Doctor Who and Thin Blue Line (British comedy). This was a freebie I found online somewhere. I think I managed to align this one better than others. Rather than moving the iron over the interfacing, I just sort of stamped it down. Like the instructions say, duh.

I also have Horrified to stitch at some point. I'll keep that one to mix in with larger projects. These small projects are nice little rewards.

I started working on the beading of Angel Procession, and it's going pretty quickly. I might even finish today.


Little Grey Cat said...

ooh I couldn't stitch that one ... s-s-s-spiders! lol

Barbara said...

That's a cute finish! I never manage to do much stitching during Dr. Who - too interesting to watch! ;)

Mindi said...

Very cute finish!

Cindy said...

Very cute! I had not seen this freebie before, but have tracked it down now :)