Saturday, November 18, 2006

Round robins and exchanges

I received Angi's Just Nan round robin in the mail the other day. It's made up of parts of band samplers with a Christmas theme. I have one winter band sampler, but I'll see if I win an auction for some more Christmas charts. It's a gorgeous piece, and I'm just dying to start working on it. Patience!

I really should not join exchanges. I tend to go nuts. I received my person's name for the Christmas ornament exchange on the Needle and Thread BB. I couldn't find much information on her, just a few designers she likes. So I do have a special little chart by one designer that I've stitched as an extra. That would make three stitched pieces, so I might keep the first little extra I did. Decisions, decisions.

And it gave me an idea for a gift for a friend. Argh!

So today I need to venture into the dreaded Wal-Mart to get a few supplies.

I've been stitching on Maggie the Messmaker, but the progress pic I'll take Sunday isn't going to show much. I've been gaming more than anything else. We're on a roll.

Christmas buying: I've been ordering stuff like mad, and most of them aren't presents. Recently I've gotten: a new cell phone (mine's dying), shirts and T-shirts for Matt (unfortunate accident with OxyClean), bathroom mats for the guest bath and downstairs half bath (shredded in the wash), a set of expensive Henckel Twin kitchen knives (ours were falling apart, literally), and Christmas presents for Matt. I'm still waiting for more presents and new torchieres for the living room (both died at the same time). Plus, we think we've settled on office chairs (mine is terrible, and the back is falling off Matt's), but they're going to be a lot more expensive than I thought. Everything seems to break all at once. Ugh. Oh yeah, the lamp died in my sewing room too!

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Michelle said...

Can't wait to see what you do on Angi's RR. Sounds like you've been having to replace more things than just getting to buy fun new stuff. Here's hoping you're nearing the end of "Replacement November"!