Thursday, November 23, 2006

Angi's RR

I finished my section of Angi's round robin today. I'll try to be lucid--it's late the night before Thanksgiving.

I chose bands from Winter Romance. She included the materials, so the Christmas colors will tie the piece together. I had to frog my name line because I miscounted. Argh, of all the lines to have to rip out--the over-one band.

I bought a crochet pattern for a hedgehog. I saw it on Fudgey's blog. I'm thinking about making some for the charity auction at work. Now if I can find eyelash yarn...

Cable phone: We got it installed today. Of course, it's not right. They installed a jack in the office, and Matt comes home and says they didn't need to. The hole in the wall is also unnecessarily huge. That stresses me out a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving! I know not all my stitching friends are in the United States, but have a happy day anyway. :-)


Outi said...

Oh, Angi's RR looks wonderful! (I'm not band sampler person in general, but I think I have to make an exception with this. :P) :)

And that hedgehog is dangerously cute. ^^

Anonymous said...

It's GORGEOUS!! Thank you!

Michelle said...

Wow! I love the bands you chose for this. It is just fabulous!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Angi was beside herself when she saw it. It's absolutely amazing (and I don't like band samplers).