Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My website's down

We're going on the third day that my website has been down. GoDaddy says they're moving my site to a different server for improved performance. I've never had any problems with my site until now! I am really not happy about this, but they say they're working on it.

So the pictures I wish I could show you are my Halloween exchange that my partner received, an update on Maggie the Messmaker, and the last row of Damier (I just have the border left, which will come next month).

I'm sure I also have a photo from Logan's birthday, where he's covered in chocolate cake, as is usual for baby's first birthday. He goes in today for his one-year shots. Oh boy.

Reading: I've been collecting fantasy novels since I was 13, but I rarely reread books. Matt suggested rereading them since we can't afford to buy many new ones. So I started with my favorite author, Mercedes Lackey. I decided to read the Valdemar books in chronological order, not by publication date as I originally did. I've started on the Mage War series. It's surprising how much I've forgotten about what happens. I'm enjoying them so far. But then I really like gryphons. :-)

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Kim B said...

I hope your site gets back up and running soon! It sounds like you have lots of fun pictures!