Saturday, June 23, 2007

TW's Angel Procession

I haven't worked on this one in years. I started it in 2002. It's rather unusual for me to have a WIP this old.

And now I remember why I don't like working on it.... The border has tons of lazy daisies. I hate lazy daisies. It's so hard to get them just right.

So I muddled through. I finished the backstitching, lazy daisies, and French knots in the border (I now know how to do French knots properly), so the border's finally all done. I just have the angels to do now. I'll move on to something else for a while and hopefully get back to this piece before too long.

Baby: Today Matt felt with his hand the baby moving for the first time. He said it was weird. I even saw my belly moving this morning. Oh, and Cheryl, I don't think we'd name the kid after Wolverine, but Logan is a neat name. I haven't found one I like better yet. I just wish it wasn't so popular right now!


Carol said...

Oh! I love your Angel Procession!!! Hope to see more of it :-)

Laura said...

Check this site out for baby names (type in a name and it tells you it's popularity history):

The creator's blog is at:

BTW, I love your stitching!

coonie said...

What a large but beautiful project!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I love the fabric you're stitching that on. Good for you picking it back up again.

Sharon said...

This is a gorgeous piece! I hate the lazy daisy stithes too.

Sara said...

Your Angel Procession is gorgeous even if it is a PITA to work on and Awakening is amazing as well.

I think Logan is a great name for your baby too.