Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cross stitching is an inexpensive hobby

That's a quote from The Cross Stitcher magazine. I had to laugh and read that one to the husband. It may be inexpensive if you stick to aida and DMC and never frame anything. But get into hand-dyed fabric, silks, treasures, special framing... Oh lordy. Matt's computer costs still outweigh my stitching costs, but it gets close sometimes.

So about this friends at work bought me a subscription to The Cross Stitcher for my birthday. I was just flabbergasted that they went through so much trouble and were so thoughtful. The magazine, however, is geared toward the novice. And they definitely need an editor. So far I haven't seen anything I would stitch. I guess I'm a stitching snob!

Baby: Yesterday I took the three-hour glucose tolerance test. The ladies at the lab are so good. I only have a few red marks on my arm and a tiny blue mark. The baby has been kicking on and off, and the linea negra has just started showing, barely. I have bright red stretch marks, but then I've always had stretch marks since I was an overweight kid. No sweat. I am so looking forward to losing weight and getting my body back!


Simone said...

My husband doesn't agree with the Cross Stitcher magazine! Us stitchers, always want more and better! Look at the prices of a Chatelaine-kit... Pffft! 300 dollars for one project! But we buy it anyway... ;)

Kim said...

LOL--I don't agree with Cross Stitcher on this one. It hasn't been an inexpensive hobby for me since I was in my teens :)

I hope you and the baby are holding up well in the Texas heat and rain.

Barbara said...

The Cross Stitcher is one of the very few English-language cross stitch mags available over here, much to my dismay. It is, as you said, geared toward novices.

As for cross stitching being an inexpensive hobby, good grief, I've fallen off the sofa laughing!