Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taking inventory

With all the baby stuff I will need to buy, it's time to tighten the belt on the stash buying. That means finishing WIPs and kits before buying anything new. So, let's see what we have.

HAED The Awakening
HAED Eternal Promise
Magnificent Wizard
TW Angel Procession
Maggie the Messmaker
Barnabee's Quest (done)
Rose and Butterfly Quilt
A Fish Tale (French knots)
12 Days of Christmas Whimzi (done)

Angel of Summer (for mom)
Generosity (done)

TW Castle Sampler
Chatelaine Convent's Herbal Garden
Chatelaine Summer Afternoon
TW Futurecast
Porcelain Nosegay
Poor Jack
Daffodil Run

So this is the list I need to work from. We'll see how far I get!

(I'm considering selling Summer Afternoon. Not sure I want to do it now.)


Simone said...

But there should be at least 1 baby-project, isn't it??? ;)

Michelle said...

This is the same thing I've been trying to do too - finish up those WIPs!