Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Eternal Promise Page 1

I finished page 1! The piece is a HAED, and the original art was by Matthew Stewart. (I don't know why Blogger makes my scanned images look so bad. Click the pic to get to a better one.)

This page was mostly border, but it was nice to stitch on something different. There was a ton of confetti, so it wasn't as easy (or quick) as I thought it would be.

I need to get working on my Garden Exchange piece now! It's due at the end of this month. I also have Wanda's RR to stitch on.

Pregnancy: I opted not to get the amnio because I'm so terrified of it. We'll just have to live with the consequences. I also have swollen feet all the time, and my lower back hurts. I can hardly get around. And I'm only at 20 weeks! Ugh.


Barbara said...

Your current HAED looks amazing (I clicked for the better picture) and I can't believe how quickly you fly through these daunting designs! I'd be the rest of my life on it, I fear.

I've been working on my Trip Around the World exchange piece and so far I have to admit that it's going to be hard to part with!

A regular pregnancy fitness group will do wonders for your back (I speak from some experience - LOL!) and we also went to a haptonoom - but what on earth is that in English? Anyway, she taught me different ways to move and hold my body that balanced me better and also did wonders for my poor back.


Anne S said...

Wow, you're motoring through this piece at a great of knots - I'd still be on the first square inch! ;)

Michelle said...

What amazing progress - you are really zooming on this! I hope your RR arrived ok.

Susan said...

This looks great-how long did it take you to do the page?

Karin said...

Wow - that's looking fantastic! Congrats on the progress

Kim said...

The piece looks great! The border has been trying for me too, but I love the subtle look the flowers have. You are really inspiring me to spend more time on mine :) If only I didn't have two other HAEDs going--it's always a tough decision when I have to decide what to work on.

I know pregnancy is full of aches and pains but enjoy them(easier said than done sometimes)because this time goes by so fast--you're already half way!!