Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mom the master seamstress

Mom made this cute bib on her fancy sewing machine. Note the embroidery that says, "I love my granny." Cajun grandmothers are called ... something sort of pronounced "muh-MAW." I guess she couldn't spell that one! I need to take a pic of the second one she did.

She went home Monday, and I miss her! And not just because she cleaned my kitchen and bathroom. ;-) I really need to figure out how to get her here when I go into labor in September/October. I need my Momma!

I didn't stitch much while she was here. Yesterday I did finish a tiny ladybug kit she wanted me to do for her friend. Of course I forgot to take a picture before I packaged it up to mail to Louisiana.

She also finished off my piece for the SBEBB Garden Exchange. She's such an amazing seamstress. I might have been able to do what she did, but it wouldn't have looked as good, and it would have taken me 10 times as long. I hope the recipient likes it. I plan to mail it tomorrow.

Sadly, I think I'm going to have to withdraw from the SBEBB. I was so thrilled to become a member (highly selective), and then I got pregnant. I just don't think I'll have the time once the baby comes. I'm also not going to do any round robins or exchanges for a while, after I finish the HAED RR (just two pieces left to stitch on). I'm sure everyone runs into these life changes once in a while.

Gaming: City of Heroes came out with an auction house. Of course I'm addicted now, checking my auctions day and night. Shades of World of Warcraft! Argh!

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Michelle said...

Cute bib! I think we all go through those times when we have to cut back on our commitments. Perhaps you can rejoing the SBEBB when you can devote time to exchanges again.