Monday, May 21, 2007

Garden Exchange stitching done

I finished the stitching on my Garden Exchange piece for the SBEBB. I now have to figure out how I want to finish it!

I'm now working on Wilma's piece for the HAED RR. She picked Verdure by Linda Ravenscroft, and we're doing sections of it.

Baby: We had the ultrasound last Friday. Good news is that the baby is fine. Bad news is that the baby was curled up with his/her legs crossed so we couldn't tell the sex. The doctor said he can try again next month. I'm really itching to buy baby stuff, but so much of it is either male or female. I wonder what people who want to be surprised do! We did manage to get the crib and the dresser/changing table (which is on order). That was a task. My feet are so swollen and painful that I really can't get around much anymore. No more driving in to work either. Good thing I work at home!


Barbara said...

Oh, your feet sound terribly painful -what does your doctor say about it?

Can't wait to see your SBEBB garden piece! :)

Missy Ann said...

They buy yellow & minty green. Or whatever else is cute. And if it's a pink blanket & the spawn turns out to be a boy you just say "Nope, it's a boy and I like the blanket".

And they also spend at least 5 minutes of every conversation saying "No REALLY we don't know the sex. If I knew I'd tell you just to shut you up!"

Emilie said...

Glad to hear that everything is okay with the baby.
We wanted a surprise, so ended up buying a lot of yellow. Also blue, because I like blue anyways. The bedroom is painted yellow with yellow/white/blue linens, and is very unisex despite the blue, so we won't have to repaint if baby #2 follows eventually. Only problem is, since the baby turned out to be a girl, everyone has since sent pink things, and I'm getting a bit overwhelmed! But the surprise was worth it anyways.

Katrina said...

Hopefully next month the baby will decide to share :-). Glad he or she is healthy.

Sharon said...

Great news about the baby! But, I am sorry to hear that your feet are so bad. I hope that will get better! Looking forward to seeing your exchange!

Carol said...

Oh I hear ya - I better get started on the Garden Exchange too - just finishing up Trip Around the World now :-) Yay for baby - he/she must want to keep its secret!!

Kim said...

We didn't find out for either of ours(one girl, one boy). We had a lot of green, yellow, white. For the first few weeks they're in little jammies anyway and it's fun to have some shopping to look forward to after the baby arrives. If people ask, it's nice to get gift cards for that reason especially if your little one decides not to cooperate at all :)

I did go out and buy one girl and one boy outfit to take to the hospital with me each time(so they could have something to wear home).