Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Stitching Treasures box finish

I finished placing My Stitching Treasures in the box made for it. I actually managed it myself. I cut a piece of foam core, glued batting to it, and then pinned and laced the piece to the foam core. I then placed a piece of matboard behind it and used my framing gun to secure it. I didn't back it with paper because it looks pretty neat as is, and paper is somewhat fragile and could get torn.

I'm pretty satisfied with it, though it's not perfect. I wish there were framing classes so I could learn the proper way to do these things.

I haven't figured out where I'm going to put the box. There aren't that many flat surfaces available for display items. And then there's the concern about dust since I don't use glass. Hm. I'd hate to just stick it in the closet.

I've been stitching on Eternal Promise, though it's slow going. My brain has turned to finishing off stitched pieces, so I may work on a few of those.

Pregnancy: I'm currently debating about whether to get an amniocentesis done. Logically I think we should, but I am absolutely terrified at the thought of it. I have a phobia about certain medical things (IVs in the hands being one). My dad was shot when I was a kid, and I've managed to get over my fear of hospitals, but there are still a few things lingering. But then who wants to get stuck in the gut with a needle?


Barbara said...

Your finishing project looks perfect to me!

As for the amnio test - did your nekplooi test come back with a positive for Downs? Amnio tests aren't only uncomfortable, but they also pose a risk to the baby. I know that a lot of countries push the test and downplay the risks, but unless there's an actual need to have the test, it's better not to take the risk of harming the baby or disturbing the pregnancy.

(If I've totally overstepped the bounds, I'm very sorry. I just have a "thing" about excessive medical involvement in a healthy pregnancy."

Arthemise said...

Barb, the doc said my blood test came back 1 in 269. For my age it would be 1 in 175 normally. Still, 1 in 269 is pretty high.

Suzanne said...

LOVE your Treasure box!! Gorgeous! Suz

Sara said...

Your treasure box is beautiful!!

No advice on the amnio but lots of gentle hugs and hope it goes well if you decide to do it.

Sharon said...

You did great with your treasure box-it is lovely.

Erica said...

Your treasure box looks gorgeous! I hope you'll e-mail the picture to Jeanette - she'd love to see it!

As for the amnio - I had it done with DS#2 as he was supposed to have both Downs and spina bifida. It wasn't that bad really - I hardly felt a thing. My DH and I really wanted to know what we might have to deal with before DS#2 was born - then it wasn't going to be a shock to the system. Luckily for us, things turned out positive - he didn't have either Downs or Spina Bifida. I still had a complicated pregnancy and DS almost didn't survive the birth, but at the end of the day I have a mostly healthy 7 year old. I'm not sorry we did the amnio but I do feel that it's not the right thing for everyone. Good luck making a decision - I know it's not easy!

coonie said...

Wow your treasure box is stunning!

Carol said...

Oh Michelle! Soooo beautiful!! Is your pregnancy at risk? You have me worried there!

Michelle said...

Beautiful finishing on your box - it is gorgeous! You can display it at my house, if that would help you out. LOL!

Jenny said...

I love the design and the box - that looks just fabulous!

Lynn said...

Your stitching box looks great.
I had to have an amnio with my first son. The blood test came back positive for down's. I was so nervous about the whole thing since there is a risk to the baby by having one done. It didn't hurt me at all though. They had me hooked up to a ultrasound so that they could see where the baby was (the doctor said they used to just have to feel for the baby and hope they didn't poke him) Luckily, the blood test was wrong. My son is now a healthy 6 year old.
Good luck with your decision.

monique said...

Your stitching box is beautiful! No- you can't put it in a closet!!

I wasn't faced with the possibility of an amnio, so I don't have any concrete advice but I certainly sympathize with the fear of getting a needle stuck in you! Yikes.

Take care :)