Monday, March 30, 2009

Violet Bouquet Needleroll HD

I finished this Sweetheart Tree needleroll today. The most tedious part was the last two rows with the eyelets. Bleh. I've still got five needlerolls left to do.

I was going to put the first stitches into TW's Lady of Shalott since I have the fabric for it (and have had it for a few years). But apparently I cut the fabric down too small! I don't know how I managed that because I always measure and remeasure. I guess I screwed up somewhere and my brain just kept screwing up the same thing when I remeasured. So...if I want to work on this piece, I will need to buy some more fabric. I may just do that since it aggravates me so much.

Update on the family: Logan's still coughing and snotting but feeling good. Matt went back to class today, but he's still not completely better. We had to take the dog to the emergency vet Saturday because she tore open some stitches. The vet put in some staples, but the dog has somehow gotten the staples out and hidden them. As Matt said, either Logan will find them, or I'll step on them with my notoriously bare feet. We've finally let Lufy come up the stairs to be with us because she was getting so distraught. She's not eating much, and we've had to cook some chicken to get her to eat, spoiled dog. My mom's finally home, which will ease the burden some. My back gave out on me yesterday, probably from carrying the boy so much. I could barely walk. After some muscle relaxers yesterday, I'm still groggy today. Whew! Is it Friday yet?


Brenda Lou said...

Wow! You do have a lot on your plate, but it sounds like things are calming down just a bit. Hope it keeps that trend going :) Love your needleroll. I've got a friend that would love it!!

Kim B said...

What a beautiful finish!

It sounds like you've got a lot going on around your house!

Anonymous said...

That's really pretty, well done!

Brigitte said...

I do love ST needlerolls, and this one is no exception. Great finish, congratulations!
I hope that your back will be better soon, and that it will be Friday soon, lol.

Maren said...

Wow, you've got a lot going on. Poor boys, poor puppy, and poor back!

That's a lovely finish you've got on your needleroll. Happy dance for you!