Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ort bag for sale

A shameless plug--I'm selling ort bags again now that I have a chance to breathe. I sell them for $20, which includes postage. This one is ready to go. If you'd like another color, let me know and I'll see what I can do. These make great gifts for stitchers. The pincushion is stuffed with half fiberfill and half doll beads. The bag has two pockets for scissors and such, and you can unbutton the bag for emptying. My mom has a sewing machine that does embroidery, so if you'd like a design or name, let me know (that's done before the bag is put together). My email's

Also, my mom can stitch just about anything. If you have a request, send it to me. :-)

Daycare: The center checked out just fine. Logan was shy at first but smiled at the kids and liked playing with the outside toys. He may surprise us and just love being there. We know how much he complains when he's trapped in the living room at home. We plan to start him out half days the last week in December and then go full time in January. I'll be a basketcase for sure.

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Brenda Lou said...

Ohhhhh....that is precious!!