Saturday, November 01, 2008

Damier HD

Hurray! This one is finally done! I'm going to make a quilted wall hanging out of it, but not immediately. I'm sure the finishing urge will strike at some point. If you'd like the pattern for this piece, it's on Maryse's blog.

Right now I'm stitching on Just Nan's Autumn in the Square. I'm also going to work on a needlebook for the Monthly Finishing Challenge. Just two left for the year, and I've done all the others.

Longhorn in the family: Matt's now an official UT student! He starts classes in the spring. It means tons of student loans, but hopefully in two years he'll have his degree and can start making the big bucks, rather than the no bucks. :-) Logan had his "Future Longhorn" outfit on last night as we watched the trick-or-treaters come to the door. Yes, that's two college educations we're going to have to pay for.


Becky K in OK said...

The piece turned out beautifully.

Are you UT fans going to watch to football game tonight? I am.

Kendra said...

Looks great! I'll be starting on the border on mine Sunday night. Hopefully it goes fast because as much as I've enjoyed stitching this, I'm ready for it to be finished. It's reached its time, you know?

I'm also pondering finishing it as a wall hanging as well and having my hubby make a quilt hanger for it. My hubby went to A&M for part of his graduate school, so he's conditioned me to not think too highly of Longhorns. ;-)

HasturTorres said...

Congratulations on your finish. It looks great!
Congrats to your DH, even if it means he has to wear burnt orange instead of respectable maroon. ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it's lovely!

Sharon said...

Another beautiful finish! Congrats.

Michelle said...

Congrats on a beautiful finish! You really kept up with this piece, which is a great accomplishment itself!! Congrats to Matt too - that is wonderful!