Monday, November 10, 2008

Covent Garden Rosebuds finishing

I turned my Covent Garden Rosebuds piece into a needlebook, which was this month's finishing technique on the Monthly Finishing Challenge. I didn't add any edging because I think my stitching is neat enough. And I think any cording would just get in the way. I have more pics if you're interested.

I got lots of housework done this weekend. My back didn't give me too many problems. I even got on the treadmill for a half hour this morning.

Reading: I finished Mercedes Lackey's Brightly Burning yesterday. Now it's on to the Oathbound series. I haven't read these for 20 years. No wonder they seem almost new to me. They still grab me and make me want to spend all my time reading, just like they did when I was 18.


Kim said...

I love the way the needlebook turned out; so delicate.

I have been rereading a series that I had read when I finished college. It is fun to go back an reread something after a long time has passed. You really start to see it with new eyes.

Giovanna said...

Very pretty indeed, well done!

Giovanna said...

Hi again,

I hope you don't mind me tagging you on my blog :-)

Carol R said...

Very pretty! A sweet pattern and a wonderful finish!

saras said...

How did you get your hearts so perfectly even? I tried doing a finish like this one time, and was so disappointed with how it turned out! Any suggestions?! :)