Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm sort of bummed. The annual retreat that my LNS hosts has moved to a new location this year. It sounds nicer, but it's almost a three-hour drive! I'm inclined to skip it because it's so far away and I'd be driving alone. It's frustrating because I was really looking forward to it. I missed last year because I didn't want to leave Logan, who was just a tiny little thing. I suppose I don't really need to spend $225 either. Think of the stash!

A few housekeeping items: Sara asked how I got the hearts so even on my needlebook. I used BeckySC's tutorial, of course! :-)

I know a few people have tagged me and nominated me for blog awards. Thank you...I really don't want to offend...but I generally don't participate in those kinds of things. I doubt anyone would be interested in my answers to tags, and then I'd have to tag someone. There's a reason I could never be a salesperson--I hate asking people to do stuff! So, thank you, I'm highly flattered you thought of me; please don't be offended that I choose not to participate.

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TinaTx said...

Just wondering where your LNS is? The retreat that my friends and I have gone to the last two years has also moved to a new location for this year so it is a longer drive for us but none of us will have to drive alone so that does make a difference.