Saturday, May 17, 2008

My first cake

This is the first cake I remember ever cooking and frosting. It's certainly the first one I've baked from scratch. It is rather lopsided, and frosting a cake is a lot harder than it looks! In my defense, the frosting was not as thick as it should have been. It kept squishing out from my layers and caused some slippage. The directions did say to add powdered sugar until stiff enough, but considering that my hand mixer could barely mix the stuff as is, I thought it was ready. I really do need a stand mixer. Oh, and a cake stand. Mo money.

The cake is Italian Cream Cake, and the frosting is Crusting Cream Cheese Icing. Matt said it tasted good, for all its looks. I'll have to take his word for it. I can't have any. I had to stop myself from licking the bowl! Two more days of Stage 1 of the South Beach Diet.

A friend is coming over tonight, and we promised cake. I had forgotten he didn't like nuts, so I have to make him another cake, chocolate with chocolate icing. At least I have cake mix and canned frosting for that one.

Stitching: I finished the stitching on my Magic/Fantasy Exchange piece the other day. I hope to work on the finishing tomorrow. I'm currently stitching on this month's installment of Damier and will post a picture soon. I also started Teresa Wentzler's Celestial Sun Fob. And lastly, I got in my bellpull hardware for Barnabee's Quest, so I need to work on that too.


Rani said...

That's pretty impressive for your first from scratch cake! Mine often look like that and I've been baking for years! ;-) I'm also incredibly impressed that you didn't even lick the bowl. I wouldn't be able to do that. ;-)

Kim B said...

It looks yummy! Cut me a piece!