Saturday, May 17, 2008

Damier part 5

Here's the next installment of Damier. I love the little bee hive.

I also added the frog charm to my Spring Peepers biscornu. I saved over the old pictures.

Oh, I did not have to bake a second cake today. I just made spaghetti for the guys (one less guy than normal, unfortunately).


Kim B said...

I love that little charm for your biscornu! It's darling! And your Damier looks fantastic!

Jo said...

Great stitching Michelle!

I'm sorry to hear you've lost a friend so young - my thought are with you.

Sharon said...

Lovely stitching-I love your biscornu. I am sorry to hear about your friend!

Anonymous said...

Lovely biscornu (what a great beaded edge!), and the damier is stunning too. Great stitching!

Andrea said...

Damier is coming along nicely.

Love your biscornu.