Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This is technically my first Mother's Day where I'm a mother. Matt and Mom tell me last year didn't count (I was pregnant). I think it does. :-P

Diet: I hit my 20 pounds total weight loss yesterday. Since I had promised myself a reward for 15 pounds but I'm not buying stuff, my mom bought the reward for me! It's the pullware I need for Barnabee's Quest. Woohoo! I've finished my first week of the South Beach Diet, eating only meat, cheese, nuts, green vegetables, and milk. I haven't been hungry, but I'm also not that fond of meat and vegetables. I could eat cheese all day, but you get bored with it. One more week and then I can start adding a few carbs back.

A new hobby: I found out that there are cake decorating classes in Austin. Yippee! I've decided I really want to learn how. We've watched so many competition shows on the Food Network. I know I won't be in that league, but I think I'd enjoy doing something creative like that. Matt did point out the irony of a woman on a diet wanting to decorate cakes. Oh well. I'll sign up for the classes once Matt's officially hired.


Kendra said...

Of course last year's Mother's Day counted! You were a mother then, you just held your child in your belly rather than in your arms. :-)

Cake decorating is fun. I've not taken a formal class, but when I was in grad school, we had do to a demo for one of my classes. One of my fellow students was a prefessional cake decorator, so she brought in cupcakes and icing and bags and tips...and gave us a demo, then let us play around with the cupcakes. It's actually pretty easy, once you get the hang of the right squeeze pressure on the bag.

I now make each of my girls a decorated cake for their birthdays. :-)

Happy Mother's Day!

Sandra Ree said...

What a sweet mom you have! Happy Mother's Day! :)

Kim B said...

I've done several cake decorating classes! So much fun! Congrats on your weight loss - that's really amazing! Happy Mother's Day! And you were a mom when you were pregnant as far as I'm concerned!! :) But happy first baby-out-of-the-belly Mother's Day!!

Kim said...

Definitely last Mother's Day counted. You start taking care of that baby the minute you find out you're pregnant(if not before). This Mother's Day is even more special because you can actually pick up Logan and love on him.

Congratulations on 20 pounds. I know what an accomplishment that is. I've lost 14 since the end of March and I'm pushing hard for 20 before June.

Have fun with cake decorating. I've always found that fascinating too and it would come in really handy for kiddy birthday parties :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Sharon said...

Congratulations on your weight loss and Happy belated Mother's Day!

Jo said...

I've not popped by for a while - you've been busy :)

First, congrats on your weight loss.

I can see the irony of a dieter decorating cakes, but so long as you aren't eating them (or at least not very many), who cares? I bet you will make stunning cakes for Logan as he grows up!

Your earlier post about the typo hunt really made me laugh. It reminded me of two typo-related stories/incidents from my past: Years ago I had carpal tunnel syndrome and couldn't type, but I had to write a presentation about (amongst other things) Yorkshire. My friend Katy was typing my powerpoint slides for me, and typed "Yorkshite" - which still makes us laugh now (for the record, I've lived in Yorkshire for a decade and I love it, it's definitely not shite....)

The second was when I was a student, someone 'updated' the sign outside "Beni's" fast food place in Durham. They removed the botton part of the B and the apostrophe. We decided it was a drunk student rather than general local yob, because the apostrophe had gone too... Maybe I'm wrong about the spelling skills of yobs though :)