Monday, December 17, 2007

Birthday club exchange received

Sherry let me know that she received the items I sent her as part of the birthday club exchange (we did Christmas presents this year).

I stitched a Celtic Heart and a turtle scissor fob. I discovered how difficult it is to make a pillow ornament in an odd shape. I don't think I'll be doing that again. Sherry likes sea turtles, thus the little turtle on the fob.

I also included a Christmas chart, a bunch of the fibers it uses, and the charms and beads called for. Also, a candle, Christmas tree pin, and some Gingher scissors.

My birthday is December 31, so I haven't gotten my stuff yet. Can't wait!

This exchange has been fun, but I've bowed out for next year. I just don't think I'll have the time, and I hate the idea that I would forget someone's birthday (I'm really bad about dates).

SF and fantasy:
We rented two discs of the TV series Firefly and really like it. I ordered it on DVD, along with the movie. I've also been reading Mercedes Lackey's Aerie, the fourth and last book in her Jousters series. (She is my favorite author.) I also discovered Carol Berg, so I'm having fun reading her books.


Barbara said...

That's a lovely exchange you sent to Sherry! I was also a member this year, but will not particpate next year.

Suzanne said...

These are really beautiful gift items you sent. Your stitching the castle at an incredible rate, it's looking so really beautiful.

CatherineMichelle said...

Oh! What a great exchange!!!!! And I totaly agree with you about the Firefly serie. My husband and I are hooked!!!!

Sharon said...

Lovely exchange! The heart shaped pillow does look difficult-but lovely. The fob is too cute.