Friday, July 13, 2007

Angel Procession update

Yes, the angel has a head! And an extra wing apparently.

It doesn't look like I did much, but those wings are a pain. I think 32 count is too small for this piece. Plus, for 1/4 stitch blocks, I make one a 3/4 stitch and one a 1/4 stitch. That makes things very bulky. I probably should have made both 1/4 stitches. Too late now!

I'm content with my piecemeal progress. It's better than no progress, which is what I've had for the last few years.

I'm going to work on the next page of The Awakening. I still have a lot to catch up on Chatelaine's Rose Quilt, but I've fallen out of love with the piece. It's just not as pretty as I had hoped. That'll teach me to stitch a mystery. I'll stitch the piece later and may fall back in love with it, who knows.

RAK: Becky sent me another RAK since the fudge melted--three skeins of lovely Gentle Arts Simply Shaker threads. She didn't have to do that, but I definitely needed the lift!

Baby: The doctor depressed me yesterday. He said because of the gestational diabetes and the fact that this is my first child, I have a 50-50 chance of having a C-section. He also said that I had gained too much weight. Maybe he could have told me that after the first month and not into the third trimester! I don't much care for the doctor; he's rather cold. But it's too late to change doctors now. My fasting blood sugar has been high, so I may have to take insulin. He also wants me to exercise, but I absolutely cannot. My back kills me, and my feet burn from the swelling. So I'm feeling helpless, which is not a good feeling.


Kim said...

((hugs)) I had gestational diabetes with my son(my second pregnancy). It was suggested at one point that I might have needed a c-section but in my case I had a lot of fluid not a big baby(relatively speaking, he was still 8.5 pounds). Is there anyway you can swim for exercise? Being in the water always felt great when I was pregnant. Hang in there--believe it or not this is all worth it when you see that little one.

Carol said...

Aw, Michelle! That is terrible bedside manner! {{{HUGS}}} I feel sad for you. However, it looks like baby is doing well, and that is the good thing. Meanwhile, when you have baby 2, I sure bet you will have a different doc!! He needs a kick in the butt.

Michelle said...

Angel's Procession is looking gorgeous - you are really moving along on it.

Rani said...

What a jerk to tell you that about the c-section. He is probably just covering his a$$. Maybe he won't be on call when you go into labor and you will get someone you really like. The labor nurses do most of the bedside/hand holding labor stuff anyway. Hang in there. =)

Barbara said...

Your angels look great. I certainly don't see any bulkiness. You're not being too hard on yourself, are you?

Hey, this pregnancy stuff is really getting you down. Is there any chance you could meet some of the women on the nursing staff before the delivery - as Rani pointed out, these are the people you'll actually have contact with; the doc is just going to 'catch' the baby and will have remarkably little contact with you. Could you also check around for relaxation/visualization practitioners who specialize in pregnancy? I know it sounds kind of wacky, but I had a fairly difficult/traumatic birth experience my first time so when we decided to have more children, I was SCARED. I can't stress how much it helped me. How I could truly enjoy the labor, how I felt confident and capable (not like a victim or something) - it was just a real life-changer. Doctors do not 'know it all' and we can't leave all the power in their hands.

Take care, okay?

jymisgurl said...

First off, your AP is amazing! You may not think you're doing much, but you're going a heck of alot faster than I could dream of!

Don't let the doctor get you down. I moved during my second pregnacy, and switched to a midwife instead of a doctor. The midwives were much more relaxed about my weight gain. Since my first had been a C-section (he was 9lb, 9oz, and they tested his blood sugar in case I'd had GD and it had been missed), I still had to see a physician. She told me that since my first had been so big, there was a good chance my second would be, too, and I would probably need another C-section. When I talked to the midwife again, she said she didn't think I would need one. He was still big for two weeks early, but I didn't need another C-section.
Even if I had, it still would've been worth it. I was willing to go through anything for that baby. And when you hold him in your arms, how he came out doesn't really matter. Hugs!

Sue said...

AP is gorgeous! I so love that pattern.

Sorry about your doctor being insensitive. My first child's doctor was like that, so when I had a second child I switched to a new one.

You have my sympathy with the feet swelling. I so, so remember that when I was pregnant. It was very uncomfortable.

Take care of yourself.

Lady Val said...

Your angels are coming along very nicely! Absolutely beautiful!!

Deanne J said...

Your Angels look beautiful

I've had GD with this pregnancy too. It's a pain, thankfully I may get away without a C-Section. If it does happen don't let it bother you, just remember the end result will be the birth of your baby.