Friday, April 13, 2007

Final Just Nan RR!

I finished Yuletide Wreath Ornament for Cathy's round robin. Hers is all Christmas ornaments. This is the last Just Nan RR obligation, and I should be getting mine back soon!

I'm enjoying my HAED again, so I may work on that some more. I'm highly tempted to start a new HAED, but then I need to work on The Awakening too. Decisions, decisions. I'm just glad I've gotten most of my mojo back!

Baby: I have another doctor's appointment next week where they'll do genetic testing. I hope all goes well. I've finished 15 weeks now. I think I might be feeling the baby, something like very faint flutters.


Carol said...

That is a gorgeous touch for the RR!

cathymk said...

Just lovely!!
I'm still enjoying your wips of The Awakening, do you think you will make a start on Pearl princess or another if you make a new start?

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish for the RR! Glad your mojo is back-start the new haed. You do so well with them!

tkdchick said...

That wreath is a stunner!

Anonymous said...

followed your signature link and found your website and blog WOW... your stitching is amazing and totally gorgeous.... you've inspired me to go buy lots more patterns and to go get stitching.... thank you so much for sharing
Dizzy x stitcher