Friday, February 27, 2009

Health stuff...again

Well, that didn't last long! Logan started running a fever, so I took him to the doctor yesterday. He's got a sore throat and is now on antibiotics...again. Poor thing isn't sleeping well and is hardly eating anything today. We'll see if the rest of the family gets this.

The trial of glucophage didn't succeed. It made me nauseated, gave me a headache, and generally made me feel sick. I was reading about it online, and it said the side effects should pass, but I just couldn't function. I tossed them.

The next thing to try is Byetta, which is in shot form. I'm going to see if I can work up the courage for it. I've been really down about the weight issue. Not that it's stopped me from eating. Jo asked about pre-diabetes. It means I don't have diabetes but I probably will get it someday, and I could be feeling some related effects. I have a long family history of diabetes on my dad's side of the family, I had gestational diabetes, and I'm very overweight. :-/

Back to cross stitching, as usual. :-) Craft-i-leigh asked about Winter Faerie. It's by Teresa Wentzler, my favorite designer. She's not designing much right now, but that's OK because I have a lot of her pieces left to stitch. She also asked about my favorite fabrics. I like stitching on evenweave (mainly Jobelan), but I like the look of linen better. As for size, 28 or 32 is just fine with me. I can do smaller counts if there's a need. As for makers, I like Zwiegart linen a lot; Wichelt not so much.

Have you noticed that the cross stitch section in craft stores keeps getting smaller and smaller? It's very disheartening. It seemed like the industry was booming when I started stitching seriously in 2001. (My first piece was a Teresa Wentzler too.)


Kim B said...

Diabetes runs in my family (both my mother's side and my father's side) too. I'm keeping you in my prayers :)

Poor Logan! Get well soon little guy!

Anonymous said...

That's the first picture of Logan I've seen in a while - he's growing up to be such a handsome little guy. Sorry to hear he's not feeling 100%.

Thinking of you too, I hope that the new drug helps.

Sara said...

Sorry to hear the Glucophage didn't work out for you, the side effects can definitely be a problem especially in the beginning.

Your Winter Faerie is beautiful! My first TW piece was Summer Faerie and I've always meant to go back and do the others. Can't wait to see her finished.

Jean said...

Too bad about the Glucophage. I took Metformin and had some nausea and diarrhea - the doctor put me on Fortamet which has a coating on it and no more side effects. She added Byetta and unfortunately I immediate broke out in hives where I injected. I hope it works for you!

Your stitching is just lovely. Your son is so adorable. Sorry to hear he is sick - it's hard on the whole family!

You are right on about the cross stitch sections in craft stores. You have to go to the LNS and usually stuff isn't on sale and no coupon specials. The patterns are bad, too. Hmmm..... what's the answer!!

Brigitte said...

I hope that little lOgan will feel better soon. And that your new meds work better than the other ones.

Alice said...

Hi, I have been enjoying your blog and decided to reply for a change. I love your Faerie finish!

Your little boy is so cute. That is a tough age, when they always seem to be getting something. My two boys certainly did, my daughter less so.

I am sorry you are having such issues with your weight. It has been a lifelong struggle for me too. My parents both had adult onset diabetes. All of my mother's siblings had it, 5 of my cousins have it, two of my brothers have it. As I approach that age I am trying desperately to get myself to the point of being healthy, to stave off diabetes at least. I love food so I know it is hard. I'll be thinking of you.

Michele B. said...

It must be very unsettling to have the possibility of diabetes looming over you. There is so much research going on into this and I hope you will be able to benefit from it one day.

Your Winter Fairie is beautiful. The new design looks very tempting. I too have noticed the decrease in cross stitch sections in stores. The last time I went to A.C. Moore it was even hard to find where it was. Thank goodness we have the Internet!

Hope your little boy is doing much better.